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 Why VSRA?

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Why VSRA? Empty
PostSubject: Why VSRA?   Why VSRA? Empty6/7/2012, 11:54 pm

Welcome to the Virtual Sim Racing Association. The VSRA is a community dedicated to providing clean, fair simulation racers a place where they can have fun and compete side to side with other drivers with the same interests. We race hard, and sometimes there is often more than a little contact involved, but in the end everyone here is after the same experience: a realistic race in which drivers try their best to emulate real world driving standards and sportsmanship.

The core group of the VSRA community met up through iRacing and through other online forums. We don't have anything against these other forums, and in fact are still quite active on them... but we wanted a place of our own where the driving and sportsmanship standards are a little higher than normal.

Forum behavior and etiquette are also *hopefully* of a higher standard as well... the last thing we want to see happen is somebody new to simulation racing but sharing our same ideals for driving and sportsmanship come to our site and be called a "noob" or insulted in some other way and have to watch a potentially great community member leave because he or she doesn't like the way they were treated.

So, if you are looking for the same sort of experience that the rest of the VSRA community is trying to cultivate, please sign yourself up and head on over to the "Introducing..." Forum, start up a thread, and tell us about yourself.
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