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 Sporting Regulations

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Sporting Regulations Sponsorvsra
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PostSubject: Sporting Regulations   Sporting Regulations Empty6/26/2012, 4:31 pm

Article 1: Licenses and Driver Identification

1.1 - Drivers must have a valid VSRA license in order to compete in any sanctioned event.

1.2 - Drivers must use their designated VSRA competition number for all events.

1.3 - There are 5 different license types in the VSRA. The Licenses are awarded when a driver completes a certain amount of races. The licenses will not be updated until the end of each season. The licenses consist of:

- Rookie License - Granted at Registration

- Amateur License - Completed 5 VSRA Events

- Novice License - Completed 10 VSRA Events

- Semi-Pro License- Completed 15 VSRA Events

- Professional License - Completed 20 VSRA Events

Article 2: General Conditions

2.1 - It is the competitor's obligation to ensure that their cars comply with the conditions of eligibility at all times during an official VSRA event.

2.2 - Should these Sporting Regulations conflict with another existing VSRA rule, these Sporting Regulations shall prevail.

Article 3: VSRA Officials

3.1 - The role of all VSRA officials is to make sure that the Technical and Sporting Regulations are followed to ensure clean, fair, and competitive racing.

3.2 - The VSRA Officials Group is responsible for the creation and enforcement of the Sporting Regulations. They are also responsible for assigning any post-race sanctions to a competitor for Sporting Regulations breach.

3.3 - The Race Official(s) is responsible for running the official events per the series Sporting Regulations, and is also responsible for assigning any in-race sanctions to a competitor who breaches the Sporting Regulations during an event. Failure to heed instructions for the room Leader is grounds for disqualification from the event or other post-race sanctions as appropriate.

Article 4: Vehicle Specifications

4.1 - A competitor's car must conform to the proper specifications at all times during official VSRA events, per article 2.

4.2 - A competitor must run the same model car at all events.

Article 5: Livery Requirements

5.1 - Drivers must display their racing numbers on both sides of the car using the official iRacing number panel.

Article 6: The Driver’s Championship

6.1 - Drivers score points that accumulate toward the Driver’s Championship based on their finishing position according to the official post-race classification. Driver’s points are awarded as follows:

-P1: 65 pts
-P2: 61 pts
-P3: 58 pts
-P4: 56 pts
-P5: 54 pts
-P6: 52 pts
-P7: 50 pts
-P8: 49 pts
-P9: 48 pts
-P10:47 pts
-P11:46 pts
-P12:45 pts
-P13:44 pts
-P14:43 pts
-P15:42 pts
-P16:41 pts
-P18:40 minus 1
-P19: 40 minus 2
-P20: + follows same pattern

6.2 - In the event of a tie in the Drivers Points Standings at the end of the season, the tie breaker will be number of first place finishes, followed by P2 finishes, etc…

Article 7: Qualifying

7.1 - Qualifying will be set based on series by series.

7.2 - A driver's fastest lap will count as his/her qualification time to determine their starting position for the race.

Article 8: Starting Procedure

8.1 – Starting procedure will be on a series by series basis.

8.2 – In event of a rolling start all drivers will take care to leave the grid to get into the proper starting order.

8.3 - The pole-sitter will not pass the pace car on the formation lap.

Article 9: The Racing Surface

9.1 - The racing surface is defined as the area of the tarmac between the white lines that denote the edge of the track. It is important to note that curbs are generally NOT on the racing surface.

9.2 - Drivers are expected to keep 2 wheels on the racing surface at all times under normal circumstances (i.e. when not involved in, or avoiding, an incident).

9.3 - Drivers who inadvertently cut the track by having all 4 tires off the racing surface are expected to reverse any advantage gained. Typically, this is as simple as breathing the throttle a bit on the following straight to make sure that no time advantage came out of the cut.

9.4 – Race Officials will typically try to remind drivers of any notorious track cutting areas to watch out for before an Official session starts.

Article 10: Pit Lane and Pits

10.1 - Drivers shall not cross the pit entrance or pit exit lines painted on the track in order to gain a lap time advantage while either completing a normal racing lap or entering/exiting the pits. Room Leaders will try to point out notorious areas to watch out for, depending on the track.

10.2 - Penalties for crossing pit in/out lines typically include time penalties in Qualifying and stop/go penalties during the race. Repeated offenses may lead to disqualification.

Article 11: On-Track Communications

11.1 - In order to facilitate clean racing and the execution of the Sporting Regulations by the Race Official(s), communication by drivers on the voice channel during the race should be limited to:

-Notifying the Room Leader of an incident and the condition of driver's vehicles

-Notification that a driver entering or exiting the Pit Lane

-Notification made by a driver attempting to make an overtaking maneuver

- General communications between drivers should intend to ensure a clean, fair race.

11.2 - Drivers who breach Article 11.1 will be asked by the Race Official(s) to respect this regulation. Should a driver receive a final warning from the Room Leader, subsequent communication violations will lead to a stop/go penalty and /or potential disqualification from the event.

Article 12: General Driving Standards

12.1- Drivers competing in a VSRA event are expected to behave in a fair and sporting manner at all times, both on track and in the forums.

12.2 - Drivers who gain an advantage on the track through illegitimate means are expected to reverse the advantage gained as quickly as possible. Drivers who do this are likely to avoid any sanctions for such incidents, provided they have not seriously hampered a competitor's race. Examples of these situations include, but are not limited to, advantages gained through:

-Accidental track cutting

-Accidental and/or incidental contact

12.3 - Drivers attempting to defend their position may make 1 defensive move per straight. A defensive move consists of 2 parts:

A) A move designed to take away an ideal passing line

B) A move to set up for entry of the corner at the end of the straight.

12.4 - At no time should a driver initiate contact with the passing driver in defense of their position. It is advisable for drivers taking extremely defensive lines to communicate their intentions over the voice channel to avoid contact with the overtaking driver.

12.5 - In general, it is the following driver's responsibility to avoid contact with the car in front of him.

12.6 - When overtaking, the nose of the following car must be abreast of the defending driver's A-pillar BEFORE THE TURN IN POINT in order to be a legitimate passing maneuver. Defending drivers are expected to leave the passing driver racing room on the track if they are in a legitimate position to make the pass before the turn-in point for the corner. Passing drivers should leave racing room for the defending driver all the way through the corner.

12.7 - In the event of a collision that causes a driver to lose momentum and/or run off the track the driver at fault in good sportsmanship shall wait for his competitor to get there bearings before continuing to race. We promote clean racing and expect everyone to do their best to uphold it.

12.8 - In the event that a driver is being lapped. The lapped driver will give way to the faster lead cars. Drivers are not to purposely hold up the lead cars. If the lapped drivers are in a battle themselves both drivers must give way to the lead cars.

Article 13: Incidents

13.1 - "Incidents" means any occurrence or series of occurrences involving a single driver or group of drivers that is reported to a VSRA Official. Incidents in which there is suspicion of breach of the Sporting or Technical Regulations shall be investigated by VSRA Officials. Examples of typical incidents include, but are not limited to:

-Collisions between drivers

-False starts and/or passing a competitor on a start/restart before the start/finish line.

-Passing inappropriately under caution

-Gaining a time advantage by cutting the track

-Forcing a competitor off the track

-Illegitimate preventing an overtaking maneuver

-Any other general breach of the Sporting Regulations

13.2 - It shall be at the discretion of the VSRA Officials to determine if a driver or drivers involved in an incident shall be penalized with a sanction per Article 14.

Article 14: Sanctions

14.1 - Sanctions given to VSRA Competitors may include, but are not limited to:

-Forfeiture of Race Points (usually for on-track or technical infractions during a Race session)

-Disqualifications (usually for a grievous infraction on-track or off)

-Loss of VSRA Licenses

Article 15: Protests

15.1- If a driver feels that they were involved in an incident during an official session where VSRA and/or Sporting Regulation rules were broken, the driver may submit a clip of the replay with a description of their complaint to within 24 hours of the time that the event’s results are posted on the VSRA forum.

15.2 - A protest should contain a factual description of the incident, including drivers involved, what lap the incident occurred on, and what happened on-track.

15.3 - VSRA officials will investigate any Protest, and will reply to all parties involved in the protest. We do not bash any members on the forum.

15.4 - After VSRA Officials have made the official ruling, there is no right of appeal, the ruling is final.
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Sporting Regulations
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