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 Limerock Chicane race this week.

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PostSubject: Limerock Chicane race this week.   2/25/2013, 2:39 pm

I know I touted this as an "arrive and drive" series but for this weeks race at Limerock Chicane I would highly recommend spending some time lapping on Limerock Chicane this week. The entry to the chicane is a high speed right hander that goes up hill and you have to brake and turn into this chicane to make the entry The entry into the chicane is blind and it's very easy to get a black flag due to cutting the center apex of the chicane.

Two common mistakes I see a lot.

1) Attempting to brake with too much steering angle attempting to cheat the corner and looping the car or going way wide prior to chicane entry at the bottom of the hill. Brake in a straight line which is the most effective and then use generous trail braking to rotate the car while slowing at the same time.

2) Attempting to utilize too much steering angle while navigating the chicane mostly due to taking too extreme of an angle of attack on the chicane initially. Attack this chicane as shallow as you can and take as much of the entry apex and mid chicane apex as you can without being flagged. If you take the chicane properly you take as much of the center apex of the chicane as you can without getting flagged and although this curb is huge and will potentially two wheel you it gives you the smallest deviation needed from your current direction of travel so you don't have to turn as much.

The following two corners after this chicane are high speed damn near flat out corners connected by two of the largest straights on the track. You will make no appreciable time up and it's very risky going fast in/fast out into the chicane. Ensure that you get your braking done properly and keep the car planted and take the chicane correctly even if it's somewhat slow. You want to be full throttle as soon as the car gets planted after the center apex of the chicane. The following corner is completely flat and the down hill last turn onto the front straight is a very brief let off and shift and then back onto full throttle.

I will try and make a video of it this week and throw it up for anyone interested.
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Limerock Chicane race this week.
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